Product name:Semi-auto 2.5D Video Measuring Machine YF-D Series
Product categories:Manual Video Measuring System

Advantage: 1. Auto focus. 2. High precision & high performance.
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I. Usage

YF-D Series is the semi-automatic type Video Measuring Machine/System produced by Yihui.
It has been widely applied in machinery, electronics, aerospace, automotive, military, mold, and other industries for precision measurement.  

II. Features

1. It adopts TEO™ 1 / 2’’ color CCD camera and professional Pomeas™ zoom lens, big FOV, guarantee clear image during fast moving image measurement.
2. Motorized in Z axis, it can satisfy precision focus and high accuracy non-contact height, depth measurement with easy clicks on metrology software. 
3. Programmable integrated 8 regional light control, achieve professional surface measurement.
4. Grade 00 JINANQING granite base and column, high stability. 
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